Skin + Body

  • Cream Deodorant

    Cream Deodorant


    Made with Organic Jojoba, our natural deodorant crème goes on smooth -- with gentle essential oils, arrowroot powder, and baking soda combo rescues the day! This is not an antiperspirant; you will still sweat, but it will keep the odors at bay and...

  • Orange Blossom Restore Facial Elixir

    Orange Blossom Restore Facial Elixir

    $40.00 - $120.00

    Cold-pressed carrier oil-based elixir, rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids to promote collagen production and work against free radicals. Great for dry, dehydrated, normal, sensitive, and combo skin.    Apply a few drops on the damp...

  • Blue Tansy Wholebody Oil

    Blue Tansy Wholebody Oil

    $16.00 - $176.00

    For those of us who battle a mean combo of thirsty + sensitive skin, colder and drier weather is not our friend. So when it came to creating an oil based product, we asked many of you fellow sensitive folks and you confirmed that we...

  • Berries and Flowers Hand Salve Berries and Flowers Hand Salve

    Berries and Flowers Hand Salve


    You can get ready to be hooked on your balm. We are not kidding; we have watched people open the cap to inhale the aroma of the Berries + Flowers Salve. Now that is what we call good aromatherapy. What makes this salve so aromatically addicting -- no...