We know how difficult of a task it is finding a transparent, honest and totally vegan company hand crafting eco-friendly hair + bodycare products made with certified organic botanicals, oils and pure steam distilled essential oils.

When we shifted our line to all vegan in 2002 and united two simple words together, eco + vegan, we looked around and noticed that we stood alone.  Today, we see that a movement we have personally hand-cranked seems to have caught on and is gaining steam. To that we say, go veggies! 

Still, it "ain't" easy being green -- the essence, the core of "do no harm" goes beyond simply printing it on labels. Let us share with you how we stumbled upon eco + vegan and show you around our herb filled workshop + path. We would love you to get to know about Sevi Vegan line loved by indie only green salons, spas and boutiques. 

In order to stay true to our roots, our products are offered to eco conscious brick and mortar spas, salons and boutiques only. Our products are not offered to grocery chains as well as online only businesses. 

As an earth friendly company, we offer all information digitally (as printing and mailing takes a huge toll on Mother Earth) and product samples can be purchased by calling us at 410.444.4461 once your wholesale information has been received by us. 

Please fill the below contact form and we will be in touch with you to discuss details and answer all your questions. 


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