Meet Sevi


 // WHAT

What we love doing the most is creating products that make people + earth feel well. We seek standard packaging that is as friendly as possible and put your hard earned cash towards what goes into the bottle.

Gluten free + soy free raw materials we choose are not tested on animals, we keep animal by products out of our products and test our products on friendly people.

Our vegan formulas are dreamt by us and brought to life by us. we shy away from recreating existing works and stay sharp by working with our hands. It is about the dream, the brainstorming, the creation.

We are hand-crafters, we are honest, we are friendly, we work hard, we love what we do. 



// WHY

Our company started like most of the indie companies out there. Serendipity!

It was around 1997 that my German Shepherd Mundo came down with a mystery illness. Back then I was a different  person. I was the kind of gal that went with everything that  I was told, by media, by the salesperson, by the doctors, hence for a year or so I went with what the vets were telling + selling. 

Months later, Mundo simply did not get any better, nor where we any closer to figuring out what caused her sudden illness. I discovered Google and went to work. My research took me from allergies to how to alleviate them naturally. I became a part time kitchen witch and started to brew potions and soaps for Mundo. Within a few weeks she began to return to her healthy self. We banished not only the carpet powder that caused her illness, we started to eliminate products and foods we decided to bring into our home.

You can say that my dog has saved my life. I owe her all that I know about holistic life style. 

seviblending-1-large.jpg// WHO

In the late 90s creating a venue where I could sell my handmade canine products was merely a daydream. 

I guess it was that "you can do anything!" look my ultra awesome canine Mundo gave me that made me think I could even start a business.

So we did, Mundo + I -- working together, shoulder to shoulder.

Years flew by and I "matured". Now when I look back, I can see how lucky I was to be the guardian of such a life loving, life teaching animal.

Everything I know today about herbs, aromatherapy, raw materials, cosmetic formulations, nutrition, holistic life style is because Mundo has lead me on this path -- and what an awesome path it is.


us.jpgMy autoimmune disorders started in 1998, but it was many moons later that I was able to connect all the dots.

Today I am obsessive about what we consume and use, as they affect our immunity as a whole. Whole foods, locally sourced fruits and vegetables purchased from indie companies with eco conscious footprints, gluten free, soy free and a healing life style.

My motto is (long); no harm to ourselves, others, and our planet. Leave things better than you have found them. Try hard and if you fail, do better next time. 

All the products I hand-craft are based on this philosophy, hence I hand pick cruelty free ingredients that are as whole and minimally tinkered with as possible. I cannot tolerate gluten and soy, therefore our products are soy and gluten free.

What started as a quest to help my dog's illness, carried me onto a world full of herbal magic and I get to wake up each day and create what I love the most, products filled with love, compassion and honesty.


Sevi Kay