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Vegan = 100% Cruelty Free 

In our book, you cannot have a Vegan product that contains raw materials currently tested on animals, which is something overlooked as well as not disclosed by most manufacturers. 

We do what we believe in and we create products we love to use. So in short, we won't just use any vegetarian ingredient, formulate products that contain non-vegan ingredients and then call the few "vegan" products we have "vegan friendly". 

Please keep asking manufacturers about their vegan policy and request cosmetic companies to ditch animal testing, you are the change!


1. Raw materials *not* tested on animals: Before we formulate, we gather ingredients that are beneficial and eco-friendly. We contact manufacturers and verify their animal testing policy and when we request their MSDS info, we double-check their animal testing policy. If an ingredient is currently being tested on animals or contains animal by products such as pigments coated with carmine (minute amounts listed on MSDS sheets), we do not buy it or use it.

2. No Animal Ingredients, No Exceptions: Before we decide to design a product, we make sure that it fits our talk and walk. We could not think of making a Vegan skin care product or cosmetic and carry tools, such as makeup brushes made with animal bristles or leather makeup bags. We look at having a Vegan product as a whole and without exceptions.

3. Testing on Finished Products: We do not test our products on animals in any shape or form (outside testing or internal testing). All of our products are made using ingredients which have been used for years and are regarded as safe. However we are aware that these very ingredients all have been tested by other companies -- we cannot change the past, but hope that we can all unite to find alternatives to animal testing in the future. 

4. Cut Off Date: Our testing cut of date is 1992 as of 2010. 

5. We are a vegan owned company!