• Quinoa + Chickpea Hair Smoothing Veil

    Quinoa + Chickpea Hair Smoothing Veil

    $28.00 - $88.00

    I admit my hair used to be less frizzy in my twenties. Now that I am above 30 (think cloud height above), my hair tends to frizz up with my lovely wirey whites poking towards the sky as if they are communicating with all the water molecules around...

  • Reishi Cider Vinegar Rinse

    Reishi Cider Vinegar Rinse

    $7.00 - $72.00

    Give your hair a stimulating, cleansing, and clarifying bath with our Reishi Cider Vinegar Rinse. Reishi mushroom to gently balance anti-inflammatory properties. Suitable for all hair types -especially anyone with product buildup or an overly-oily or dry...

  • Marshmallow Gentle Conditioner

    Marshmallow Gentle Conditioner

    $6.25 - $66.00

    We deeply love multi-purpose products and are happy to share one of our favorite haircare formulas with you.  The Marshmallow Gentle Conditioner is free from essential oils; it hydrates and nourishes all hair types with soothing Marshmallow,...

  • Chaga Quinoa Volumizing Conditioner

    Chaga Quinoa Volumizing Conditioner

    $7.00 - $70.00

    Our Chaga Quinoa volumizing Conditioner is a powerhouse formulated with mushrooms, proteins, and botanicals to keep your locks bouncy, lustrous, and protected.  Quinoa, Baobab, and Rice proteins protect against environmental stress, Deeply nourish...

  • Wild Plum Hair Synergy

    Wild Plum Hair Synergy

    $24.00 - $72.00

    The perfect magic touch for the wild and untamable beauty that we call hair! The goal of this amazing hair tincture is not about bending the will, it is about healing the broken bond, mending the friction and quenching the endless thirst!   I...

  • Marshmallow Hair Pudding : Multi tasking hair hero Marshmallow Hair Pudding : Multi tasking hair hero

    Marshmallow Hair Pudding : Multi tasking hair hero

    $6.00 - $99.00

    Marshmallow Root strikes again (yeah, I know - I can't get enough of it!) -- this time in a leave-in or pre-treat hair delectable. It is a cream-based hair treatment infused with Marshmallow Root, Burdock Root, Argan + Meadowfoam Seed Oils. Great for...

  • Seabuckthorn Berry Daily Conditioner

    Seabuckthorn Berry Daily Conditioner

    $7.00 - $64.00

    A light yet moisturizing cream conditioner formulated with Wild Crafted Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, and Meadowfoam Seed Oil to help frizzy, dried, and brittle hair. We have added certified organic infusions of Marshmallow Root, Nettle, and Burdock Root and...

  • Pumpkin Seed Deep Conditioner

    Pumpkin Seed Deep Conditioner

    $7.00 - $62.00

    A succulent cream rinse designed with scalp-loving botanicals and oils for dehydrated locks + scalp. Add water, yourself, and a dollop of Pumpkin Seed Deep Conditioner. Slather on, follow with cool water (brings on the shine!); life smells awesome + now...