Pumpkin Seed Deep Conditioner

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A succulent cream rinse designed with scalp loving botanicals and oils for dehydrated locks + scalp. Add water, yourself and a dollop of Pumpkin Seed Deep Conditioner. Slather on, follow with cool water (brings on the shine!), life smells awesome + now your hair will to!

Ingredients :: Aqueous Infusions of *Marshmallow Root, *Burdock Root, *Saw Palmetto, *Rosemary, *Horsetail and *Nettle, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, (v)Cetearyl Alcohol, *Pumpkin Seed Oil, *Avocado Oil, *Babassu Oil, *(f)Nilotica Shea Butter, *Sea Buckthorn Berry CO2, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate, Pure Essential Oils of *Patchouli, *Geranium, *Lavender, **Myrrh.

*Please note that we are no longer using Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice in our hair care products.  We still have some old labels in stock, so if you get one that has "Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice" on it, please do not worry. It is Aloe free. 
 *Organically Grown  | **Wild Harvested | Updated: July 08, 2020
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surprisingly good
Written by NORA W. on Apr 26th 2020

Every shampoo brand swears to God their products do what they say they will do but they almost always are no better than brand X. I was impressed with the results I got from the Sevi products. Good quality, good results.

ADORE - wish there were an unscented option
Written by joanna on Apr 14th 2020

I am ADORING this conditioner. It is adequately moisturizing for my low porosity, coarse, dense moisture-loving hair, without weighing it down. I love that it is protein-free and doesn't have aloe!! My only request would be for an unscented version. I want the moisturizing properties of this one (over, say, the EO free line) but I am not a fan of EOs (patchouli and lavender are my least favorite aromas...) and I work in a fragrance-free workplace. Would love this to be considered for the future, thank you for making amazing products!

Love this conditioner!
Written by Iffath L. on Jul 22nd 2019

The Pumpkin Seed Deep Conditioner felt so rich and nourishing for my naturally wavy hair. It was definitely thirsty for some loving ingredients and this conditioner was a perfect fit!

It's Good
Written by Angad S. on Jun 22nd 2019

My hair feels better.

pumpkin seed conditioner
Written by Annette H. on Jun 22nd 2019

I love this product, I have to admit I have tried other products that claim to be natural but NONE of them have the results of this one. My wavy silver hair tends to be wiry/frizzy and this nourishes and helps my hair

The best conditioner ever!
Written by Idena B. on Dec 26th 2018

I have thick curly hair. My daughters have waist long hair and one is so thick a regular pony tail won't hold it. This is the best conditioner I've ever used. My daughters used it and asked what it was and said it's the best conditioner they've ever used too. A little goes a long way. Smells fantastic and not just like pumpkin either. Be great for men too. It's like a conditioning treatment.

Literal Liquid Gold
Written by Hannah on Dec 13th 2018

I take hair very seriously (you could say I take it HAIR-y seriously). Probably more seriously than I should take it; after all, at least in my case, if something goes awry in my haircare routine, it will at least grow back. Unfortunately, I am not blessed with the patient nonchalance implied in the simplicity of saying, "oh, it'll grow back in a year. Relax." Such things I cannot bear to trivialize. Even the slightest dryness at the ends of my hair requires immediate action; the mere existence of crispy tips plagues my thoughts and haunts my dreams. I need them snipped or I will go bonkers. Six years ago, I was personally blessed by the goddess Aphrodite when she descended from her divine throne and introduced this product into my life, this pumpkin seed shampoo and conditioner, which is--as far as i'm concerned-- categorical ambrosia. It is the Ultimate, the Alpha and the Omega of hair care. It is a celestial anomaly, an alchemical masterpiece. It is sustainably sourced so that we, as a cursed species, may continue to respectfully harvest the bounties of Gaia. It is vegan, so that the woodland creatures may continue to live peacefully and fearlessly among (wo)Man. It smells sweeter than the blossom of the rarest flower covered in dew in a hidden meadow on a summer's day behind the pearly gates. It is gentler than an angel's laughter, yet in its efficacy more potent than a thousand suns. Since I've been using it, each strand of hair has literally developed the facility for speech specifically so it could thank me for switching to such a transcendentally wholesome product. Okay, that last anecdote may have been included purely for effect, but directly after I began my journey with this life-giving elixir, the guy who sat behind me in a class I was taking at the time approached me and asked me what makes my hair--and I quote-- "smell so much like a princess". I gave him a small sample bottle and changed his life (this story is 100% true). Am I being dramatic? Maybe. But I ask you, dear consumer, what other manner of praise would be acceptable when speaking of such a divine gift made lovingly from the magical hands of an equally divine and angelic woman? Can you really say that you would not likewise speak so highly of such a triumph if given the chance? I implore you to see reason. See to it that you at least sample this product. Do not only yourself a favor, but the flora and fauna as well.

Pumpkin seed conditioner
Written by jennifer A. on Oct 26th 2018

Is the favorite condition for most of my clients. It's my favorite for giving curls or thicker or course hair a nice cool drink of moisture. Highly recommend.

Love this stuff
Written by Cori on Sep 17th 2018

I use this every other day both while my hair is wet and sometimes when it is dry. I love it. I use it on my 3 year old daughter's hair as well and she has very curly hair and this helps me get the knots out while it's wet. And it smells divine!

Pumpkin Seed Conditioner
Written by JOLYNN on Mar 7th 2018

Finally a chemical free conditioner that actually leaves my hair soft and shiny! Hands down best conditioner. It also cuts down on the frizz when I blow dry. Love it!

Pumpkinseed conditioner
Written by Jennifer on Dec 8th 2017

Love it! By far the best conditioner for vegan relief. No more dry scalp. No harmful products and I love the smell!

Conditioner, Where have you been all my life?!
Written by Idena Browning on Apr 10th 2017

This is by far one of the best if not the very best due to the fantastic beautiful blend of wonderful ingredients! Love it! Love it!

Pumpkin seed deep conditioner
Written by Sarah Ebner on Mar 5th 2017

Terrible smell

Written by Danielle on Aug 19th 2016

I love finding cruelty-free made-with-love hair prods! The ingredients are just what I was looking for, and man do they work. Very satisfied

love it
Written by annette h. on Jul 15th 2016

My silver waves really soak this up!

Great Multitasker Product
Written by Tina T. on May 17th 2016

Although marketed as a wash-out deep conditioner, this stuff works great as a daily leave-in for my thick, thirsty curly hair, especially in the heat of summer. Just a squirt rubbed into the ends every day makes them shiny and happy. Rub the little bit left over into your hands to make them happy as well. Wonderful light, fresh smell that doesn't linger.

Pumpkin Conditioner
Written by Laurie W. on Feb 29th 2016

This is my go to conditioner winter and summer for 3a hair. Also love the shampoo. Both leave my hair soft and smelling great while enhancing curl.

Pumpkin Seed Deep Conditioner
Written by Rebeka N. on Feb 25th 2016

Love it! Works great. Love the Shampoo also!

Love it!
Written by Stacey E. on Feb 15th 2016

Love it!

Pumpkin Seed Conditioner
Written by Clare C. on Dec 16th 2015

I have been using this conditioner for the past year and I absolutely love it. It leaves my hair feeling soft but really not heavy. Smells lovely and herbal.

Pumpkin Seed Deep Conditioner makes a difference
Written by Sandra C. on Nov 1st 2015

I've been using this conditioner for probably six months (switched from using sea buckthorn conditioner, which is good also. It's a very rich conditioner. All the sevi products have made a difference with my hair - first with hair loss and a sore scalp from years of hair coloring. I'm 64 and my hair in front had become brittle, course and wispy. The Pumpkin conditioner is helping to give my hair more softness.

My favorite conditioner!
Written by Meghan B. on Aug 27th 2015

I have fine, curly hair and this shampoo/conditioner combo ensures that my hair has the moisture it needs without being weighed down in the process. I love knowing that I am supporting a small, eco friendly business as well.

Pumpkin Seed conditioner
Written by annette h. on Jul 11th 2015

wonderful product and it is also helpful to dab on my frizzies when needed

Very Satisfied
Written by Allyson B. on Jun 20th 2015

I am very satisfied with the products I purschased! One of my favorites are the Pumpkin Seed Shampo and Conditioner. They smell amazing and treat my hair just the same. Will be stocking up.

Awesome conditioner!
Written by Anna R. on May 2nd 2015

This stuff is really moisturizing! My hair drank this up right away and the scent is really nice too! It also provided a lot more curl enhancement for my 2b/2c waves :) I do wish there was a tad more slip in it since it still takes a while to detangle my coarse hair with this conditioner in. But once I washed this out my waves looked great! I would definitely repurchase this product.

Love it!!
Written by Brittnie F. on Apr 1st 2015

I have really processed (bleached & colored regularly) curly-ish hair and this conditioner is just totally the best. It smells so good and leaves my curls feeling springy, light and soft. Will be buying again!

Luscious Pumpkin Conditioner!
Written by Katherine S. on Mar 23rd 2015

Hair feels amazing after use. Has just the right amount of moisture without making it feel heavy or greasy. Smells delicious! It's also very nourishing for colored hair!

Love it!!!
Written by Sarah H. on Mar 22nd 2015

This deep conditioner is one of the few that can moisturize my daughters dry hair. Very happy!

Pumpkin Seed Deep Conditioner
Written by Laurie W. on Feb 26th 2015

A wonderful, rich conditioner which works well as a rinse-out or deep treatment. It smells heavenly and leave my hair very soft. Customer service is also outstanding at Sevi.

The best for coarse, curly, dry hair!
Written by Nikkiyah R. on Jan 29th 2015

This conditioner smells amazing...distributes beautifully...rinses clean and leaves hair fragrant and soft!! Also works wonders as a styler on curly hair!! No build up!!!

Best smelling conditioner ever!
Written by Nikkiyah R. on Jan 24th 2015

This conditioner rocks for thick, dry, curly hair!! Detangles like a dream and smells wondrous!!!

truly the best
Written by Stephanie M. on Jan 19th 2015

Easily the best hair conditioner I've ever used, don't know how I lived without it! It makes my thick, tangly hair soft, shiny, and delightfully lightly scented. I love the all-natural ingredients -- pumpkin seed oil is magic!

Written by Dani on Dec 27th 2014

I ordered the tiny bottle just to try it. For some reason it took a pretty long time to get to me and I had to contact them. I must say- it came shortly after and I got a free shampoo so I appreciate that. The conditioner (and shampoo) are wonderful. I am a black woman with natural hair and this conditioner makes my hair feel so much healthier and I can't wait to order the next size up!

Best conditioner I have used for my dry frizzy hair!
Written by Ann H. on Dec 22nd 2014

This conditioner is probably one of the best conditioners I have ever used. It melts into my hair leaving it soft and tangle free. My hair is very conditioned, shiny and soft after using it. I have very fine 3b hair that tends to be dry and frizzy. The ingredients are of high quality and absorb into my hair leaving no build up. The smell is very earthly but mild. I love it. Highly recommend trying this. Can't say enough good things about Sevi products.

Awesome service and product
Written by Clare C. on Dec 13th 2014

I really love both the shampoo and the conditioner. I have been using them both for a while and can really tell a difference in how thick and strong my hair feels. The products came quickly and well packaged.

The search has finally ended...
Written by Nikoi on Nov 9th 2014

I have searched for several years to find an all natural rinse out conditioner that provided the moisture my thick, dry, coarse, curly hair requires. The search has finally ended. This conditioner smells BEAUTIFUL, is thick and creamy and works through tangles like a dream. I have only used it once but I am convinced that this formula is the perfect addition to my regimen. Thanks to Sevi for making such a wonderful product :)

Written by Dolly R. on Nov 5th 2014

Really moisturizing but no heavy.

Excellent for thick, dry hair
Written by Melissa P. on Oct 12th 2014

Love this conditioner. I have thick, dry hair and live in a desert climate and this conditioner is wonderful in helping keep my hair moisturized and soft.

Best Haircare Products Ever!
Written by Jason W. on Jul 26th 2014

Honestly, it's been a pain in the butt to find natural haircare products that really work with my hair. Your Pumpkin Seed Shampoo and Conditioner are my ONLY go-to hair care products. Everything else is second best! Bravo!

Love Love Love It!
Written by Sandra on Jul 20th 2014

I love this conditioner, it moisturizes well and have a light pleasant scent. I use it as a conditioner, leave-in conditioner, overnight hair mask, and shaving cream. It doesn't wear down my fine color treated hair! LOVE IT!

Fantastic, super moisturizing, and clean fresh scent
Written by CHERYLL J. on May 19th 2014

I am a African American female with 3C hair type and this is the BOMB. I used it in conjunction with the Pumpkinseed Shampoo and it is awespme. My hair dresser said " You got a winner". My hair instantly became super soft after intially applying the product and after goingon the dryer for 15 mins with the heat cap my curls were super curlier and super soft ringlets. My hair smelled amazing after my blow out and I was super happy. As I said in my shampoo review, it is often difficult to find a great smelling product that is clean in product smell and ingredients but SEVI rocked with the pumpkin seed oil. Pumpkin seed oil is already a super oil and this conditioner definitely rocks. Intially you may wonder when you smell both conditoner and shampoo but I can honestly say it smells so clean after rinsing. I cant wait to try the other products...

Written by Marta J. on May 5th 2014

Works great on over-processed colored, dry, frizzy, or any type of hair without leaving hair greasy, I highly recommend this product. Soon I'll be trying their shampoo version and I'm expecting even greater results with the combination; since most commercial shampoos dry my hair out I've been no-pooing for a while. Time for a change ;-).

Pumpkin Seed Deep Conditioner
Written by Susie on Apr 16th 2014

I have frizzy/curly hair and this conditioner (with the Pumpkin Seed Shampoo) is the best. I have given the conditioner and shampoo to several friends with similar type hair and they love it as well. It is terrific!

Absolutely wonderful product!
Written by Amy on Mar 18th 2014

I have very dense, coarse, curly hair. It's been a journey to try and figure out how to care for my hair. I've tried so many conditioners, and prefer natural high quality ingredients - which this definitely has! I am a huge fan of the Pumpkin Seed line. I got this as a sample when I purchased my shampoo and I'm glad I did.. I will be purchasing a full size when my sample runs out (it has lasted me more time than I thought it would!) Oh, and the scent is absolutely amazing - I love essential oils. Thank you Sevi.

Written by Angelia F. on Mar 17th 2014

I have thick, coarse, highlighted, wavy hair which is always thirsty for hydrants even in the humid place where I live. The PSDC is one of the few conditioners I‰ŰŞve found that actually softens my wiry hair without weighing it down. When I use the PSDC in conjunction with a light, all-natural leave-in hair gel, my locks are frizz-free with tons of bounce and shine! This condish has lots of slip and the scent is not at all overpowering. Love the PSDC! An amazing product! Well worth the $.

Very nice!
Written by Caitlin D. on Feb 13th 2014

I really like this stuff. I have very curly hair and usually mix it with my usual DevaCurl One Condition for great results. When I use it on it's own, I have to use A TON to cover all my hair since it's pretty lightweight. Great product!

Pumpkin Seed Shampoo and Conditioner
Written by Barbara C. on Feb 3rd 2014

just loved these products. They are so pure and gentle. I highly recommend.

Pumpkin Seed Conditioner
Written by Susie on Jan 22nd 2014

The BEST! I LOVE it! Wonderful for curly hair and managing the frizz!

Pumpkin Seed Conditioner is Fantastic!
Written by Claudette S. on Jan 3rd 2014

I can't say enough about how great this conditioner is for my hair. It leaves my hair smooth and manageable, which isn't an easy task as I have naturally wavy and somewhat unruly hair! I use this every day, and a little goes a long way. I love all of Sevi's products and make a point of ordering them online as I don't live in a town where they are sold. I really can't recommend her products highly enough.

In love with the line
Written by Sandra C. on Dec 25th 2013

I've been using the seabuckthorn berry line for a while and decided to try the pumpkin seed conditioner. I've very happy with the results. I am 62 with about 50% gray that I've colored for years. The gray is coarse and fragile. I like that this line is gentle, with no harsh chemicals and has nourishing ingredients. I also bought the Argan babassu hair lotion for styling. Basically I'm into nourishing my hair back to health and I think this is a good line for that. I want to try the dry shampoo next.

Looking for an HG?
Written by KathyMack on Dec 19th 2013

The Pumpkin Seed Conditioner has been a favorite since I first used it almost five years ago. It really helps to add moisture to your hair. Especially in the low winter dewpoints!

Very good product for dry hair
Written by Cathleen T. on Dec 1st 2013

I'm a redhead with course hair that has gotten dryer over the years. I did research and found this product was recommended by users. I just used the shampoo and conditioner and my hairs looks great. I'm very happy to support small business, too. Also, I was sent a freebe of lip balm which is very good, too.

Love these products.
Written by Chelsea L. on Nov 30th 2013

My hair was very dry from over processing and the conditioning shampoo and conditioner have made my hair shiny and soft without weighing it down. I plan to continue using these products and trying the body care as well! Thanks so much!

Awesome product!
Written by Monica D. on Nov 20th 2013

I have used this product for over a year, and absolutely love it. It conditions my very dry, curly hair without weighing it down and it smells wonderful. My 12 year old daughter and my fiance also use it and love it as much as I do!

Deep conditioning but doesn't weigh
Written by Rachel C. on Oct 27th 2013

Deep conditioning but doesn't weigh down fine hair.

The Best Conditioner for dry hair!
Written by Moira on Jul 22nd 2013

Awesome for gray, curly and anyone who has dry hair. The BEST conditioner ever and the ingredients are clean! I am a hairstylist by trade and I highly recommend.

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