Blue Tansy Wholebody Oil

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For those of us who battle a mean combo of thirsty + sensitive skin, colder and drier weather is not our friend.

So when it came to creating an oil based product, we asked many of you fellow sensitive folks and you confirmed that we should stay away from several allergens like gluten, nut oils, sesame oil and oils like coconut that can cause sluggish skin (clogged pores, acne etc.) on many of you.

No nut oils, no gluten, no coconut oil, no sesame oil, only organic oils -- check!

There is more. For less clutter, we wanted a product that would cover you from head to toe.

A multi-purpose oil, for your lovely face, in place of your traditional water/oil/wax-based lotion, as a massage oil, scalp treat, pre-shave oil, or as a beard oil -- check!

Blue Tansy Essential Oil had been our go-to "fix" for skin flare-ups due to its reparative and fire-quenching qualities, and then it hit us. The perfect infusion! 

Skin soothing wildcrafted Blue Tansy meets cold pressed unrefined Avocado Oil and the result is a whole-body treat loaded with natural Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that your thirsty skin will inhale in seconds.  

Ingredients:  *Unrefined Avocado Oil, *Watermelon Seed Oil, * Golden Jojoba Oil, *Seabuckthorn Berry Extract,  Essential Oils (**Blue Tansy, *Geranium, *Frankincense, *Neroli). 12.12.23 Ingredient Update

**Wild crafted | *Organic