Myrrh Ear Essential Oil Tincture :: Holistic Dog Ear Cleaner

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Tired of struggling with your fur pal when it is time to clean his/her ears?

Between us, your dog is fighting because most ear cleaners *sting* our delicate skin inside our ears. Yup, it is totally true!

I do not like having my ears cleaned, but this oil blend does not burn, sting, stink, so you know what I am totally ok now when I see the sight of this bottle and cotton balls.

So here is how it all goes down. I watch my human buddy apply several drops on a cotton pad, she then lets me investigate it by sniffing it and not sure if it is her soothing voice telling me that I am the bestest dog, or her kind touch, or this ear cleaner, but I feel all relaxed and sit there. Next thing I know she tells me I am perfect + I get lots of hugs and kisses + homemade treats.

You see, my ears are no longer dirty, smelly, waxy and any other gunky word that ends with y -- what more could a free spirited Husky ask for. Woof.

With love + fur,

Ingredients: *Jojoba Oil, Extracts of  **Myrrh, *Mullein,*Calendula,*Yarrow,  and *Comfrey Leaf,  *Tamanu Oil, *Seabuckthorn Berry Oil, Essential Oils (**Myrrh, *Helichrysum, *Geranium).