Cracking the Nutritional Code: The Secret Delights and Surprises Hidden in Pumpkin Seeds

Posted by Sevi Kay on Jan 16th 2024

Cracking the Nutritional Code: The Secret Delights and Surprises Hidden in Pumpkin Seeds

Let’s dig into the benefits of pumpkin seeds! Here are some deliciously crunchy facts for you.

These whispers of lush, green-hued, nutrient-filled little morsels contain essential minerals for a vibrant lifestyle.

So, what are these essential minerals?

Magnesium is one mineral I need to combat my vestibular migraine.

Let me veer off the main topic for a second. I promise not to make this post about migraines. However, I know how detrimental they are to my fellow endures.

I tend to get lighter (dull and widespread) headaches, but you should see me move through the mischievous dance of dizziness. It resembles simultaneously living through an earthquake and being on a ship in stormy waters. Fun right? Yay me!

I've been consistent with my magnesium intake for the last 5 months, relying on supplements when needed. But truth be told, I prefer getting most of what I need from wholesome foods. With various magnesium types (malate, glycinate, threonate), I sprout raw pumpkin seeds and consume a good amount with my yogurt/acai bowls, in my smoothies, or just as they are.

My sleep quality has improved tremendously now that I receive more magnesium in supplement form and in my diet.

Let me know below, message me through Instagram or message me through my newsletter inbox if you need delicious ways to enjoy pumpkin seeds. I will be thrilled to share. 

So, now that we have magnesium covered, what other nourishing qualities do these beads of green magic possess?

Zinc, iron, antioxidants, protein, and healthy fats!

Beyond their mildly sweet yet nutty flavors, the benefits of pumpkin seeds range from possible heart health, improved sleep, and prostate health, contributing to a healthy scalp, supporting hair growth, strengthening hair strands, and potentially reducing hair loss.

But wait, there is more.

Eating pumpkin seeds can benefit your skin due to their rich nutrient content. The seeds are a good source of zinc, which plays a role in skin health, supporting collagen formation and promoting skin renewal.

Additionally, the antioxidants in pumpkin seeds, such as vitamin E, help protect our skin from oxidative stress. The omega-3 fatty acids in these seeds may also contribute to maintaining skin elasticity and hydration.

To achieve a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle, consider adding natural, raw, whole foods to your daily routine whenever possible.

Here is to pumpkins and their unique seeds, and now I am off to enjoy a homemade sugar-free, gluten-free pumpkin pie (because January is a birthday month)!

Be well-



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