Maranta Dry Hair Shampoo : Vegan Hair Powder

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If you find yourself singing the bed-head blues due to limp hair in the morning, sing (“sigh”) no more. Maranta Dry Shampoo not only cleanses and freshens, it also adds body to flat and limp hair as well as extends the life of your blow out.

Or - if you find yourself counting the number of pesky grays in your light brown, brown and auburn ‘do or perhaps you like a dry shampoo with some hue? Look no further…

We’ve got you covered with our Maranta Dry Shampoo available in rich Cocoa shade. Maranta Dry Shampoo will not only cleanse and freshen, as well as add body to flat and limp hair and extends the life of your blow out…

It will do so with just the right amount of natural pigments.

Maranta Dry Shampoo is designed to leave your hair refreshed by absorbing any excess oil, while eliminating the need for shampooing (errrr, over-washing!).

:: How to use ::  
Lightly sprinkle Maranta onto your (dry) hairline and scalp. Blend in gently with your fingertips. Let it sit for several minutes then, for gently shake or lightly finger-comb (curly hair = no brushing etc., so gently lift + shake) your hair. 

:: Ingredients ::
Neutral: *Arrowroot Powder, *Tapioca Starch, Moroccan Lava Clay, Essential Oils of *Green Mandarin,**Myrrh and *Neroli.

Cocoa/Coffee: *Arrowroot Powder, *Tapioca Starch, Brown Illite Clay, Moroccan Lava Clay, Essential Oils of *Green Mandarin, **Myrrh and *Neroli, Iron Oxides (CI 77499, CI 77491, CI 77492).