Stress busters for autoimmune survivors

Jan 31st 2017

Stress busters for autoimmune survivors

Here are a few of my favorite daily practices to keep my stress levels in check. 

Turmeric to the Rescue 

I practically live in this deliciously potent root. My fingers are always sporting the saffron yellow color and on many occasion, I have successfully stained from articles of clothing to kitchen countertops. oh yeah, I am that good.

Curcuma longa, turmeric is native to South India. I used it long before my trips to India, but it was there that I actually fell in love with it. I have learned how to really cook with it and now it is what I reach for flavor as well as soothing inflammation.

If you are an auto-immune warrior living with rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, irritable bowel syndrome or fibromyalgia, give turmeric a try. I take it in powder form as well as use the fresh root. Cooking or juicing with it is easy and delicious and once you start using this plant derived medicine, you will notice the difference in your body.

Yoga + Meditation

Before bed time, hit the mat and create a slow and steady (vinyasa) flow. Balanced movements, deep breathing, slow transitions, while reflecting on the day you are about to leave behind. Each breath out, feeling whole and thankful to your body, your mind, your being and all that you have in your life.

Try join a free yoga online site for great tips on how to begin your yoga journey or ask a yogi friend for the basics. Remember to practice trust + patience + kindness with your self. End your day on your own terms, balanced and with inner peace. om!

Watch what you drink

Switch from coffee to white tea, or alternate. Coffee is hard on your immune system, it dehydrates you and when you rest more, you'll need less coffee :)

Coffee is especially damaging for psoriasis sufferers. If you want to live psoriasis free, then you will need to change your dietary outlook and cutting all coffee out of your vocabulary will help you tremendously.

Unplug + Rest

Hit the sack on time or catnap during the day. While you sleep your body repairs itself, but when you are stressed out or suffer from anxiety, it is easier said than done to fall a sleep or stay a sleep. I have found that leaving my phone where I cannot reach it helps me disconnect, so I try to leave it where I cannot reach it or purposely do not look at it when I do wake up middle of the night.

My night time tea is Lemon Verbena -- one cup, followed by light grounding yoga and I feel chilled and ready to sleep. I use my time on the mat the way that benefits my mind as well as my mind. For me, staying thankful for my body and staying aware of how my body feels as I twist and stretch works best. It occupies my mind with what matters vs. the daily events. I leave the reflecting and observing for my day time yoga practice.