don’t sweat the little stuff, unless it is using undiluted essential oils on your skin


Here is a mini reminder that using essential oils undiluted (neat) on skin can cause skin issues, such as skin sensitization.

No matter how “mild” an essential oil may be (think Rose, Sandalwood), using it neat (undiluted) on skin day in day out is not something that any of us should do.

Let’s mention that deodorants made with 100% undiluted essential oils are in this mix. Underarms are especially delicate and to be honest, applying them under armpits daily where our lymph nodes are located is considered over-use of essential oils and can trigger allergic reactions aka skin sensitization and perhaps more in the long run.

Respecting Mother Nature while using these pure + potent aromas are essential. Since I am a practitioner, I am submerged in essential oils and have not been sensitized to any of the essential oils I have used in our workshop since 1996.

Here are a few of my rules (i do bend no.4 a tad):

  • treat them like medication
  • use them when an occasion rises + when issue clears, stop using them
  • do not use essential oils neat (undiluted) on skin : (I use it only in case of an emergency like cuts and it is always a one time application.)
  • never use essential oils in or around your eyes
  • alternate essential oils