Sevi Hair Care products without Aloe Vera? Yes we are Aloe Free!

We have been getting some questions about the Aloe Leaf Juice that we used to use, hence I wanted to snag some of my communication with several customers and share it with you all here.

For those of you wondering if we use Aloe in our haircare products, the short answer is no - none of our hair care products contain aloe! 

The why is, how this raw material is supplied (preserved with potassium sorbate) and my gripe about it, hence I decided to omit it all together awhile ago.

A bit more on Aloe and the labeling discrepancies in our industry -- we go through an organic Aloe Vera grower (since 2005) and I was able to learn more about aloe vera production while we worked with them and the need to preserve the liquid. 

Many moons ago, when I first started to handcraft products, our prior suppliers (middleman) all omitted the preservative from the labels, leaving us to believe the Aloe Vera Leaf Juice we purchased was unpreserved, furthermore did not need to be preserved. Same issue surfaced when I looked into the aloe vera gel - totally clear gel product being sold as Aloe Vera Gel is de-colorized aloe with a thickener, most likely carbomer, yet this is often omitted from the labels.

Once I weighed the pros and cons, I thought this was not an ingredient that would make a formula shine so to speak, so I thought, why spend the resources to ship a heavy item to us, have an additional preservative added to our label because the raw material is preserved and spend funds on a raw material that I felt lacked functionality in our formulas.

Please hang in there while I go through the website and correct all the ingredients, but rest assure that none of the hair care products contain Aloe. Our labels as well as our packaging will be updated within this year.

Should you have any questions or feedback - please feel free to contact us. 

As always, thank you - for your trust, care and patience.