Question about our animal testing policy!

Jul 9th 2015

Question about our animal testing policy!

Hi Everyone,

We get emails similar to this one occasionally and wanted to post about it for all other animal loving folks, so here we go.

We are 100% vegan owned and operated -- as a matter of fact we were one of the first all vegan companies out there formulating products and bringing attention to one of the most crucial aspects of formulating a vegan product.

Ingredients being tested on animals were overlooked/ignore and we were probably the only company doing things the hard way at the time. choosing this path meant spending hours of research time, contacting raw material manufacturers and asking for documentation on the raw materials we wanted to work with.

Our ingredient choices dwindled down nearly by 80%, leaving us with very few choices, which made things very difficult for us, but we would not have had it any other way :D

Unfortunately, even companies using the term 100% vegan on a particular product formulate products that are not vegan -- quite a few companies own several brands (think Estee Lauder, which owns Aveda, La Mer, Bobby Brown, Clinique, Ojon, Origins, MAC) and use the same manufacturing facility. some companies create a vegan line in addition to their main non-vegan lines and promoted them under different brands.

Now onto what we do!

Our vegan policy can be found on our website, under about us section, and we are not sold in China and do not plan on selling anywhere outside of the United States at this time. We may work with some Canadian or European companies (France, England) perhaps, but that is the extend we plan on expanding.

As you know, we hand-craft products and do not plan on mass-producing, hence we won't be all over the world.

Please keep asking questions and thank you for all your support, suggestion and passion. We appreciate you immensely.