Herbal magic + my kid

Jun 4th 2017

Herbal magic + my kid

My sick kiddo wakes up with itchy burning feet. I inspect the trouble makers and all looks fine on the 

surface, but this news irritates her further. 

Bah, my hero cape receives a major blemish. Moving on, I tell her that I'll make some breakfast and we can deal with it later. No go! 

Inherited flare for drama surfaces, welcome to the grump fest! On we go. I grab my goto apothecary kit. My boo boo salve fails to take the edge off the situation. What the!? Bam, just like that, my hero cape slips off and falls down flat on its face. Bummer! 

"This has never happened to me before" I sulk inwardly. Now feeling utterly annoyed, I seek refuge in a cup. As I sip my nettle rishi concoction, Ayla comes into the kitchen, dragging her feet and scratching her legs. Her face says it all. The groaning continues as she eats her oatmeal. Second wind hits me -- excitedly I announce that I'll be brewing her some "foot tea"! Moping comes to a screeching halt. Her eyes lock with mine and I see that she is intrigued. Yasss, score one for mama! 

I get peppered with questions and fire back the answers as quickly as I can while gathering the herbs for her foot rescue tea. After listening to my answers, she informs me that she will first drink some of it. "I mean, it would be pretty gross to drink it after my feet have been in it!" she concludes. I agree and we both laugh. Score again! 

Brewing, cooling done, I add organic Nori sheets and in goes the feet. Happily she wiggles her toes in the tea. I watch her casually munch on at least 3 whole Nori sheets while we gab away. After 5 minutes, the feet come out with the ouchies permanently remaining in the foot tea. Major win! Hero cape resurrected and flowing gloriously once again. 

Today is a super gooooood day! Thank you herbal Mother, I owe you. Again!

PS: A bit later kiddo comes running to my room. She is holding one of Rosemary Gladstar's herbal books. It's all about cold care. I read it to her and she wants me to make her the hot lemonade and promises to stay away from sugars while she has a cold! Seriously, can today get any better?

Love + light,