Sugar + Spice Sunshine Apothecary Kit : April 2017

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The Sugar + Spice Sunshine Apothecary Kit has to be my favorite kit so far.

It is all plant and whole food based, free from all synthetics and even the ones that are noted as "nature" derived.

No absolutes, no preservatives, no fractionated oils, no vegan waxes, all glass containers and very little essential oils.

My sun and moon infusions took 12 weeks for this kit and you can really feel the plants' soul when you use them. 

As always all the ingredient in this kit are certified organic or wild crafted.

Alright, so here they are...

Pomegranate Replenish Elixir 
As we mature our skin shows signs of depletion more visibly. Yes, I dislike this fact as much as you do. I really do! 

Yes, genetics are a factor and eating a whole food based diet, getting adequate sleep and exercise is vital to hindering erosion, but since skin is our largest organ, it also needs to be fed properly from the outside.

An oil based elixir can do wonders for your skin. Free from additives like wax, thickeners and preservatives - your skin gets exposed to only the good stuff. 

I blended this sumptuous face elixir with Prickly Pear Oil before I added my slow sun kissed plant infusion. Marshmallow root is a very soothing herb for inflamed skin as well as for the GI tract and Burdock root is wonderful for skin that tends to be on the reactive side. 

You only need a few drops for your whole lovely face, so expect this 1 oz gem to have your back (errr, face) for some time. 

Size: 1 oz 

Poppy + Sweet Marjoram Unwind Balm : 2 oz jar
This is the jar I reach for when I can’t unwind, especially at night. 

California Poppy is gentle yet can work wonders on a racing mind. Though this is a topical remedy, when you can’t stop thinking or are focused on your pain or whatever that has your mind firing on all cylinders, this balm can help slow things down enough where you can achieve a balance.

Depending on my body’s need, I use it before hopping into bed, while I am traveling, when I feel stress raising my shoulders to my ears. Just run your fingers over the smooth silky balm and apply to your hands, neck, face and pulse points. Breath nice deep belly breaths and know that are in good hands!

Size: 1 oz net weight

Gooseberry Hair Rejuvenator 
Slow brewed to perfection with Ayurvedic herbs, this well balanced raw pumpkin seed oil based scalp treat is especially wonderful for folks with dull, brittle, thirsty, thinning, curly, coily hair. It adds life to color treated hair and helps with split end prevention, plus I included Saw Palmetto (another DHT blocker) in it for you!

It's not often that I find a grounded Juniper Berry and a smooth Fir Needle at the same time, but I got lucky. The herbal infusion and raw pumpkin seed oil combined into a delectable song on their own, wish you were here to experience it. Oh wait, you will once you get your beautiful hands on this kit!

Amla “Indian Gooseberry” is a very conditioning herb and is also used for reduction of hair loss, while Ashwagandha creates movement and helps with circulation as well as scaly scalp and dandruff.

Moisturize, protect, soften, nourish and rejuvenate - wow and I was able to tincture all that in to one bottle for you. How is that for magic!

Size: 1 oz net

Note: **I made a few of this without Rosemary Essential Oil, please let me know if that is what you prefer.

Cardamom + Seaberry Emollient Body Polish
Put your hands together for the drearily dull Baltimore day that inspired me to create this sunshine in a jar!

Most who know me also know my love for the sun and all things sunny, for example like India. Ha, could not pass on the opportunity to say India again. I know, I am a riot at times. 

So there I was, in our workshop surrounded by enormous windows and the sky was gray and the air felt cold and damp even for my lungs to bear. 

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in and when I opened my eyes, I was where the sun gently kissed my skin, the soothing balmy sea breeze calmed my tender spots, the sweet and spicy aromas fluttered around me like beautiful butterflies.

That is what you will get in this all glass jar! My memory of what sunshine looks like. What it feels like. 

This oozy golden sap like exfoliator is loaded with Seabuckthorn Berry and Meadowfoam Seed Oils. Uber emollient without being slimy is the key when it comes to proper body exfoliation though. Who wants to end up all greasy before getting dressed? Eww!

Kudos for the dead sea salt, which contains healing minerals for your skin and the potent yet totally plant based Alpha Hydroxy Acid raw cane sugar — these guys will exfoliate your lovely body without damaging your skin and leave you feeling silky soft.

Size: 12 oz net weight