Pomegranate Cupuacu Reparative Creme

size: 2.00 W × 2.00 H × 2.00 L
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Think about a nourishing face cream being hand-brewed for you, with certified organic Pomegranate Seed Oil, fair trade Nilotica Shea and Cupuacu Butter and upon cooling this luxurious concoction, watch gentle hands folding in the essential oil synergy blend. 

Inhale. Imagine an aroma so kind in nature that when you inhale it, you feel like you have received a hug from someone that loves you.  Delicious thoughts, real hand-made cream, honest ingredients awaits you...

Good for dehydrated, dry, mature, sun damaged skin + can be applied as needed. During cooler seasons, add a drop or two of the Orange Blossom Elixir to amp things up.

Our pharmaceutical grade Pomegranate Seed Oil is loaded with Punicic acid (Omega 5), named after the yummy Pomegranate/Punica granatum, a powerful anti-oxidant, will help keep your skin supple + cared for.

Freshly poured into blue glass jars.
Net weight 1.25 oz 

:: Ingredients ::

*Neroli Hydrosol, *Pomegranate Seed Oil,  *Cupuacu Butter,  *(ft) Nilotica Shea Butter, Olive Squalane Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil,  Xylitylglucoside, Cetearyl Glucoside, (v) Cetearyl Alcohol, Co Enzyme Q10, *Seabuckthorn Berry CO2, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate, Essential Oils of *Neroli, **Sandalwood and *Frankincense.

*Certified Organic
** Wildcrafted
(ft) Fair Trade
(v) Vegetarian

:: Price + Packaging Update ::

We are moving away from using costly packaging such as the violet jars and bottles from France, hence we are passing on the savings to you. The price is lower and we can give you more than 1 oz now, how is that for awesome sauce! 

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Just pure heaven. From the complex and soothing scent to the creamy moisture. It’s my favorite new piece.
Written by jennifer A. on Jun 22nd 2019

Just pure heaven. From the complex and soothing scent to the creamy moisture. It’s my favorite new piece.

Written by RP on Feb 18th 2018

I had never heard of Cupuacu before. It's amazing, especially in such talented hands. You only need a little so it will last for some time. Thank you!!!

I LOVE this cream
Written by Ann H. on Jan 20th 2018

I am absolutely in love with this moisturizer. It goes on like silk and absorbs right into my skin. My skin feels moisturized and balanced. I noticed a youthful look to my complexion within days. I don't want to ever be without this....it's that good. Thanks Sevi.

Pomegranate Cupuacu Reparative Creme
Written by Jean S. on Mar 14th 2016

This creme is perfect for mature skin. Even my husband uses it. Love it.

Love it!
Written by Stacey E. on Jul 17th 2014

I love the Pomegranate Cupuacu Reparative Creme. I am very sensitive and this products work for me. Thank you!

Nice face cream
Written by Monica D. on Mar 1st 2014

I would recommend this product for those who have dry skin. It works for me in all but the coldest driest days. Nice scent, too!

Great product!
Written by Monica D. on Nov 20th 2013

Very hydrating cream that is perfect for my super sensitive skin. It also has a pleasant scent.

This stuff is Da Bomb!!!
Written by CarolfromBrooklyn on Nov 18th 2013

I have been going through some stuff with my skin which makes it SUPER sensitive - red, burning, itchy and flaky. And to top it off, my skin around my eyes was so damaged that it was looking super saggy and wrinkly. I easily looked 10 -15 years older than I normally do. I wasn't sure what I could use to help nurse it along as I didn't want to use any petroleum products which were the ones recommended to me. Well, Sevi to the rescue!!! :) I decided to try this cream and I can tell you that after the FIRST use, I noticed a difference in my skin's texture! And not once did anything burn or sting or cause more irritation - which is pretty incredible as everything seemed to be causing some kind of inflammation. This cream is rich, calming and soothing and I cannot thank Sevi enough for making it! It's been about 3 days now and my skin actually looks like skin, now. I still can't wear any makeup as things are healing, but with the way my skin has been noticeably improving right before my eyes, I do not mind going au natural. Sevi was NOT kidding when she named this "Reparative"!! (Also, this is very concentrated, so a little goes a LONG way. I think this jar will last me for quite a few months, so it is very economical.)

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