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Quantities are limited. Once reservation max is reached, we will stop taking orders for our Indian Fig November Kit, and subsequently will send an update on the ship date (we are aiming for a December 16th ship date) of the kits. 

All of the products in the kit are interchangeable, so you can mix them to create your personal blend and for those concerned about epilepsy, I have formulated this kit free from our customary Rosemary + Sage Antioxidants.

Indian Fig Elixir (5 ml blue glass roller ball)
This lovely unrefined oil is cold pressed from the seeds of Opuntia ficus-indica, which happens to be from a cactus family. You might have also heard it being called prickly pear, barbary fig, cactus pear amongst a few other names. The India Fig Opuntia (prickly pear) oil has high levels of antioxidant activity, is slow to rancid and is phenomenal for dehydrated, damaged and mature skin and has a very high price tag. It takes almost 3 days and a million tiny seeds to produce 1 liter or so of prickly pear oil.
Once I got to experiment with this oil I did not want to dilute this exquisite oil with any other oil; hence 100% organic prickly pear seed oil is coming your way. I decided to lunar infuse this beauty with organic licorice root during the Beaver Moon (November’s full moon).
As much as I love my Argan Oil, I have to admit, Indian Fig Opuntia has stolen my heart, at least for the moment.
Deodorant Crème No.25 (2 oz blue glass jar)
I have had this in the works for sometime and it is finally here! Made with sun infused Organic Jojoba, the deodorant crème goes on smooth and the baking soda, arrowroot powder and the essential oil combo rescues the day! This is not an antiperspirant; you will still sweat, but as my 8 year old puts it, you won’t “stink up the neighborhood.”
Neroli + Vetiver Hydrating Mist (2 oz blue glass bottle)
Have you wanted to spray your face with something natural that would hydrate you without feeling sticky or oily? So have I, hence I brewed a spray that would have the best of both worlds, a dash of hydration and a dab of oil. You can use it anytime of the day and as a makeup setting spray as well.
Marshmallow Refreshing Hair Mist (2 oz blue glass bottle)
Get ready to refresh your second or third day hair! Marshmallow Root tends to itchy irritated scalp, while the blend of essential oils combat odors as well as itchy irritated scalp.
Sugar Cane Foaming Exfoliator (4 oz glass jar)
I have been making this cleanser for us for several years now and thought of sharing it with you as well. It is a foaming cleanser and an exfoliator in one. It really helps with lifting away the dead skin cells and my finicky skin does not get irritated.
Hand-made Tree Free Journal (40-50 pages)
The hand-made tree-free journals are uber limited and are available until we run out. If you really want one, I’d try to put the order as soon as possible as once they are gone, that is it for these cuties.

Note: Once the journal stock is depleted, the kit orders will ship without the journal.