may 2016 sevi skincare apothecary box

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Quantities are limited. Once reservation max is reached, we will stop taking orders for our May kit, and subsequently will send an update on the ship date (we are aiming for a May 16th ship date) of the kits. 

All of the products in the kit are interchangeable, so you can mix them to create your personal blend and for those concerned about epilepsy, I have formulated this kit free from our customary Rosemary + Sage Antioxidants.

  • Marshmallow Hair Pudding (5.5 oz net weight): Marshmallow Root strikes again (yeah, I know - I can't get enough of it!) -- this time in a leave in or pre-treat hair delectable. It is a cream based hair treatment, infused with Marshmallow Root, Burdock Root, Argan + Meadowfoam Seed Oils. Great for all hair types -- you will see immediate results especially if you have thirsty, dull, color treated, frizzy, lackluster hair. If you have thick luscious hair, then this hair treat will maintain your lovely locks.

  • Dead Sea Mud Mask (1.1 oz net weight): I am bringing the Dead Sea to you, ahhh! One of my favorite masks to use -- loads of minerals that simply allow my skin blossom and glow. Infused with licorice root, raw cocoa powder and few delectable essential oils, your face will look and feel amazing. If you have psoriasis, this makes a wonderful spot scalp treatment as well! Let me know and I will share how you can use it. 

  • St. John's Wort Healing Balm (2 oz screw top tin): Summer time is heading your way and I wanted to give you a healing balm you can reach for incase of bug bites, rashes, scrapes, burns + tend to your cracked or calloused elbows, hands and feet. It is great for the entire family and I carry one in my pocket regularly and now you can too! 

  • White Peony Vanilla Tea (1 oz apothecary glass jar with cork): Yes, a curveball I know ;) This is my go to tea every morning. I start with Organic White Peony Tea, Organic Rooibos and Organic Bourbon Vanilla and fold in live-r supporting Organic Milk Thistle + a few warming/moving Ayurvedic spices. It is free from sweeteners -- smell amazing, goes down smoothly and you can feel it work through and through. This is a morning tea as it contains a small amount of caffeine. It tastes yummy on its own, but you can also use milk of your choice (from hemp to almond).

  • YLBB Lipgloss (full size lipgloss tube): Yes it is back! It is lightly pigmented (matching most all skin tones) and not only gives you that "your lips but better" look, but infuses your lips with meadowfoam seed oil + organic Castor Oil. I have never liked the sticky glosses, so this one is like a smooth hydrating balmy gloss. 

  • Shea + Pumpkin Hydrating Balm: If you have sensitive skin and try to minimize your chemical exposure, adding preservative free products into your life is one of the best things you can do. This thick and smooth balm is created with my favorite Shea Butter in the world -- unrefined Fair Trade Organic Nilotica Shea! The S+P Balm is free from essential oils and can be used under the eyes or rest of your face (and neck) whenever you feel tight or dehydrated. Mix with one of my oil based serums or for extra slip, apply after washing your face. I use it on my lips, under eyes, on my cheeks as they tend to get very dry.

  • Pulse Point Aroma.Therapy (.35 oz blue glass roll on): Here is a little aromatic goodness for those days you need light, love and lift. It contains Organic Golden Jojoba and pure  Neroli, Sandalwood and few other essential oils.

  • Decorative Cotton Scarf: Your kit will be lovingly waddled in one of these adorable scarves. If you have a preferred color, let me know and I will do my best to find one for you!

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Excellent Box
Written by Cherie A. on Jun 22nd 2016

The Eco Sevi May apothecary box, first of all, was of unprecedented value. There were so many high-quality items that I even forgot about one after putting it away (thank you, review reminder, for refreshing my memory). I have fine/thin long hair and use the Marshmallow Root Hair Pudding every day before drying or styling. Only a tiny amount is required and it keeps my ends hydrated without weighing my hair down. I don't normally like vanilla-flavored teas but found the one Sevi sent to be delicious and love the heart-shaped tea ball. I had a terrible breakout about three weeks after receiving the box and found the Dead Sea Mud Mask stopped it in its tracks; it feels cleansing/purifying on your skin but doesn't dry it out. I use both of the balms on my hands, love the scent and moisture - I still need to try the Shea & Pumpkin Balm mixed with a serum for facial care. The lipgloss has a pleasant subtle color and feels smooth on your lips. My favorite product in the box is the roll-on aromatherapy (strangely enough, this is the one I misplaced/forgot about!). It's an amazing and uplifting, yet light, oil. Perfect blend, in my opinion! I also enjoy my scarf, it is the first stylish (non-winter) scarf I have owned and I'm glad to diversify my wardrobe. Lastly, but not least, I have been a customer of Eco Sevi since 2010. The consistent high quality of the products is unparalleled and unmatched when coupled with the small batches, the generousness of the free samples and gifts, and the commitment to 100% vegan, no bee products, and organics. Highly recommend, from a product junkie. :)

Mother's Day Gift
Written by Lizz S. on May 30th 2016

Thoughtfully packaged, beautiful products, delicious scents and a lovely gift!

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