march 2016 sevi skincare apothecary box

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Quantities are limited. Once we close taking orders for the kit (by next week), we will send and update on the ship date of the kits. 

We are aiming for a March 15th ship date. 

Coffea + Licorice Under Eye Elixir .50 oz
A concentrated elixir that contains cold pressed Coffea Arabica Seed Oil. This oil tones and can be helpful with dark circles, it also hydrates and restores the lipids in the stratum corneum making this serum the perfect remedy for the tender under eye area. I infused it with Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) to hydrate, lighten and lift the skin under the eyes. This serum is essential oil free.
Pumpkin Marshmallow Replenish Serum .50 oz
Unrefined organic pumpkin seed oil (Cucurbita pepo L.) is one of my favorite oils. It is food grade, raw, delicate in nature and loaded with sterols, antioxidants, Omega 3, and 6 fatty acids, Zinc, Vitamin C and A. Not to mention that slightly nutty aroma, I can’t get enough of.

It sinks in your skin and with each use; you can see an unmistaken suppleness that only comes from feeling whole and healthy.

Marshmallow Root, Althaea officinalis, comes from the Greek word, altho, meaning “to heal" -- helps with inflammation and can reduce irritation and puffiness. For those with rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, this root is perfect, internally and externally. It is hydrating, soothing, thickening and warm, perfect to balance the Vata dosha.
Jasmine + Sandalwood Hydrating Spray 2.25 oz
This is a hydrosol infusion with Jasmine + Sandalwood and a dash of sugar based emollient. Sandalwood is a gentle yet powerful disinfectant and also very good for irritated, inflamed skin. It was the only essential oil I used on my girl when she was a baby.

Jasmine is my go to absolute, it is great for dealing with depression, sluggish mood (kapha dosha imbalance), nervousness (vata imbalance) and it is a valuable antiseptic (contains benzoic acid, benzaldehyde and benzyl benzoate).

Use this hydrating water in place of a classic toner, after washing, in place of washing, when you feel dry or to give your oil based elixirs a little slip or just for a quick pick me up. Did I mention that it is also a powerhouse of an aphrodisiac! Spray accordingly...:)
Papaya + Marshmallow Enzyme Mask 1 oz
I have used papaya fruit powder for a decade now, both in my smoothies, skincare and hair products for private clients.  It is wound healing, high in antioxidants, contains a digestive an enzyme called papain, great for internal health as well as skin + scalp care.
The thing I love the most about using this as a mask is that I do not have to scrub (manual exfoliation: sugar scrubs, nut meal scrubs, face cloth) my face to stimulate new cell turnover. Because of its built in digestive enzyme papain (papaya proteinase), it offers the perfect enzyme (chemical) exfoliation method, which my sensitive skin prefers.

Heads up, there is an initial tingling, burning sensation after application as the protein is digesting the old scar tissue and dead skin cells, but it will subside shortly. Follow up with the serums in your kit and/or hydrating toner if needed be.

Pineapple Enzyme Cleanser 2.25 oz
A gentle yet effective fruit enzyme based foaming face cleanser free from essential oils for those with sensitivities.

The formula has marshmallow root and licorice root decoctions which helps create an anti-inflammatory barrier while the pineapple and vegan Lactic Acid offers a gentle chemical based exfoliation. There is no need to scrub your face with a towel, just use your hands, rinse with tepid water and pat dry lightly before applying your serum.

All the products in the kit are interchangeable, so you can mix them to create your personal blend and for those concerned about epilepsy, I have formulated this kit free from our customary Rosemary + Sage Antioxidants.