Custom Formulas

Are you in search for handcrafted skin, hair and body care products for your salon, spa or company? There is only one of you, hence your idea should be more than using the same product every other business is using. 

Our creations are one of a kind, always plant based, eco friendly and small batch.  Never mass-produced, our formulations are always created with organic, wild crafted botanicals and vegan or vegetarian raw materials.

We love working on new projects, however in order to keep things balanced, we take on a few clients per year. 

We prefer to know our clients and love creating a strong bond.  So if you are craving to work with a company who knows you by voice + name, go for it — touch base with us!

How much does a custom formula cost? We offer two types of custom formulations, one where we create a unique custom formula for your business where we make and package for you or we create the formula for you to purchase and manufacture on your own. Both options require an R&D process hence we charge a one time free per single SKU to  cover the R+D and formulation fees. If you are interested please fill in your details below and we will be in touch. 

Do you offer private (white) label?
Good question and the answer is sorry, we don't. "Private label products are manufactured or provided by one company for offer under another company's brand". Meaning you (and the rest of the world) buy the unlabeled product and put on your label. There seems to be so many of these "one size fits all" products already, that we have decided not to create yet another. We do offer "from scratch" formulations designed with your needs in mind, more on that fresh idea below.