Burdock Root Shine Elixir

size: 2.00 W × 2.00 H × 2.00 L
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We fit the concept of healthy hair, in a bottle. Seriously? Why yes of course! Shiny healthy locks are serious business at our workshop.

"So what do I get?" you ask? You get a plant based product that your whole body can sync with. Free from synthetic coating agents that give you the illusion of "health", our deliciously synergic Burdock Root Shine Elixir starts with, well yes Burdock Root. Then you get the good fats, like Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Broccoli Seed Oil and Seabuckthorn Berry Oil.

These oils are light in nature, but sink right into your mad thirsty hair. We mean, *sink in*. No coating, no pretending to do a job, but really just "hang around" until washed off. 

6 natural ingredients come together under the sun to add a bit of life to your locks as well as your scalp. Since you only need a teensy-weensy bit of this golden hair nectar, a bottle should last you some time. It is a win win in our book.

Good for all hair types and lengths. Hair on folks!  

Size: 1 dram and 1 oz 

Ingredients: *Burdock Root Infused Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Broccoli Seed Oil, *Seabuckthorn Berry CO2, Essential Oils of **Sandalwood and *Neroli.

*Organically Grown
** Wild Crafted