Blue Yarrow Hair Texture Spray

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Light body + defined curls (minus stiff crunchy hair with white residue). Spray lightly over hair, run your fingers through, close eyes and imagine the blue green ocean.

Life smells awesome!

Ingredients :: Aqueous Herbal Extracts of *Flax Seed,  *Marshmallow Root, *Watercress, *Horsetail and *Stinging Nettle, Dead Sea Salt, Panthenol (Vitamin B5),  Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Aspen Bark Extract, Pure Essential Oils (*Blue Yarrow, **Myrrh  *Grapefruit and *Mandarin Oil).

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Second-Day Hair Savior!
Written by Barbara I. on Apr 26th 2020

I’m not one of these people who can wake up in the morning with beautiful hair. But with the Blue Yarrow Hair Texture Spray, it’s as close as I’ll ever get. I have a chin-length bob with slightly wavy hair that can go flat or bend in weird ways after sleeping. I lightly spritz my whole head and work the spray through and suddenly I have waves and am more than presentable to the world. LOVE this stuff!!

Smells fantastic!
Written by Michelle R. on Apr 26th 2020

Unfortunately I was hoping for texture and it didn’t add any to my hair but it did smell great and I found someone to give it who likes it.

The only hair styling product for me
Written by Era Z. on Jul 11th 2018

I’ve been using this spray gel for several years now. It gives my thin hair texture and volume without making it sticky. And, most importantly, it doesn’t irritate my scalp. So glad I accidentally stumbled on it!!!

Loving it!
Written by Patricia G. on Apr 15th 2016

The smell is wonderful, and it doesn't leave any residue! I'm very happy with this spray!

Great hair styler
Written by Christine M. on Nov 6th 2015

I love this product. I feel it adds body to my fine hair without the sticky feeling a lot of product have. It smells great too.

Fantastic sea salt spray!
Written by cindi w. on Jul 30th 2015

My family uses this product daily. Unisex scent. Great ingredients. Great performance!

Sevi Sea Salt Texturizer
Written by Kaileigh M. on Jul 21st 2015

I love this stuff! Between the laid back wave it gives my hair and the lovely smell. I can't decide what I love more. I love inhaling deeply as I spray it on my hair. Will be buying this on a regular basis!

Refreshing, practical...many uses!
Written by cindi w. on Jan 19th 2015

Sevi's Blue Yarrow sea salt texture spray has a fresh, invigorating scent (spicy citrus, but not overpoweringly potent), comes in a variety of sizes, and is great for straight and curly hair. Spray onto curls/waves to add a bit of edgy, stay-put texture or wrap long hair loosely in a top knot and spritz to add a little body when the hair is taken down. I don't even have to brush my hair after this technique -- it comes down looking bouncy and full after sleeping on it all night!

Really like this texture spray
Written by Ann H. on Dec 18th 2014

I was expecting this spray to leave my hair feeling dry but I was completely surprised. This texturing spray gave me bouncy, shiny curls. Pretty incredible. Leaves hair feeling soft and frizz free. Another great product from Sevi. Really nice ingredients and it smells wonderful. What a treat.

Perfect Product!
Written by Chrissyc on Nov 28th 2014

I received a small sample of this 6 months ago and have been buying nothing else for my hair since. I have fine wavy/loosely curled hair that's prone to frizz and this spray smooths and defines it without the waxy-greasy feel other salt sprays leave. It also smells very light and never gets stiff. Can't wait to try more products from this line!

Love this stuff
Written by Meghan s. on Nov 25th 2014

I got a small bottle as a sample with my last order, and just ordered an 8oz size. Adds volume but tames frizz, and smells lovely and fresh. I've been using it every day for weeks.

I got a small bottle
Written by Andrea W. on Nov 18th 2014

I got a small bottle of this stuff in a Vegan Cuts Beauty Box and I loved it! It tames my wavy hair just enough. It still looks and feels natural and clean, but without the frizz and flyaways. I'll be buying this texture spray for a long long time.

I got a small bottle
Written by Andrea W. on Nov 18th 2014

I got a small bottle of this stuff in a Vegan Cuts Beauty Box and I loved it! It tames my wavy hair just enough. It still looks and feels natural and clean, but without the frizz and flyaways. I'll be buying this texture spray for a long long time.

Amazing product
Written by Era Z. on Nov 8th 2014

Gives my hair volume without making it stiff. Love this product! Got many compliments on my hair when I used it!

I used Blue Yarrow Hair
Written by Christine M. on Nov 5th 2014

I used Blue Yarrow Hair Texture Spray in a vegan cuts sampler. I really liked this product. It seemed to make my hair thicker after blow drying but not sticky.

Sevi Blue Yarrow texture spray is fantastic!
Written by cindi w. on Oct 21st 2014

Thickens/texturizes, but doesn't smell like the beach. Works on fine and full hair. A nice cruelty-free product. I recommend trying it!

Thank you!
Written by Karen S. on Oct 1st 2014

I fell in love with the Blue Yarrow Hair Texture Spray when my stylist first used it. The smell is incredible! I use it whether my hair is wet or dry and find it works well either way. Thank you for a terrific, vegan product!

Kinky hair
Written by Saniel on Sep 7th 2014

Does this work for kinky textured hair? I can't spray and get beachy waves. Would be more interested in other products.

Love the texture spray!
Written by Ann W. on Aug 7th 2014

I use this stuff every day for an easy wavy look, without the sticky or crunchy feeling a lot of sprays have. Will be buying this regularly for sure!

Great for wavy hair!
Written by Kristan B. on Jul 11th 2014

I have wavy hair and don't like a "wet look" like I get when I use a gel or mousse. I had received a sample of the Blue Yarrow Texture Spray in a Vegan Cuts Beauty Box and immediately fell in love. I spray it on my damp hair, scrunch it a bit, maybe spritz a little hair spray, and then I'm done. It helps hold my wave and it smells so good when I spray it! Plus, it's natural and cruelty-free, which is really important to me. I also like that it's handmade by a small business, which I love supporting.

So glad to find Sevi!
Written by Clara L. on Jul 1st 2014

Sevi's Pumpkin Seed Deep Conditioner has been my go-to hair conditioner for almost a year now and it's a godsend. It's so hard to find products that deeply moisturize my curly locks without putting harmful ingredients in my hair, but the ingredients that Sevi uses are for the most part healthy and hair friendly. Recently they sent me a free sample of their Blue Yarrow Sea Salt hair texturizer and it's wonderful for second day hair - adds lift and shine! Great for a tousled beach hair look too. The people at Sevi seem to take great care in creating and making their line of products. With such great quality, I know I'll be using them for years to come!

Finally found it!
Written by Megan G. on Jun 30th 2014

Finally found a product to give definition to my fine, wavy hair without weighing it down. Thank you for the great, clean product. I'm hooked!

Texturize Spray is a LIFESAVER
Written by Caitlin D. on Feb 13th 2014

Got a sample of the Blue Yarrow Texture Spray with my deep conditioner that I bought, and it has CHANGED MY LIFE. I wouldn't have known to get it, but the (very wonderful and friendly) salesperson told me that you can use it to get second day hair so I decided to give it a shot. I use it every morning when I don't feel like washing again and it works like a charm! Completely manages my tangles and makes my hair shiny again. I have super curly hair that usually is impossible to get second day hair with, so this is a game changer.

Blue Yarrow Hair Gel & Texture Spray
Written by Ruthie N. on Dec 9th 2013

I love these two products! They both work well and smell wonderful. My cat loves to sniff my hair, too! People ask me all the time what fragrance I am wearing. Please never stop making them!

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