Argan Berry Nourish Elixir

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A shot of nourishment for your hair or skin -- apply to newly washed hair before drying or use it to rejuvenate your locks.

Ingredients: Organic Argan Oil, Organic Burdock Root Infusion, Organic Essential Oils of Sandalwood and Neroli.

Sizes: 1 dram or 1 oz

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Written by Amanda P. on Nov 20th 2016

I first tried your products after purchasing them at Earthly Roots Hair salon, and I fell in love with the pumpkin seed products. They transformed my hair. I love all of the new products I purchased. When I use the Argan Berry elixir on my skin it looks like I turned back the clock about five years. So incredible, so natural, thank you so much! Cant wait for the November kit to come out!

This is my favorite!
Written by Tamra J. on Oct 13th 2016

There are so many uses for this oil. I use it on my pregnant belly. My SO uses it in his beard (lol) it's great for everything!!

Argan Berry Nourish Elixir
Written by annette h. on May 19th 2016

wonderful for my hair. Lovely aroma and seems to help with the frizzies and hopefully help with breakage :)

Love this stuff!
Written by Ann H. on Nov 16th 2015

This oil is so good for my hair. It absorbs very easily and leaves my hair feeling nourished and healthy. I can not use most oils because they sit on my hair and don't absorb. This one is very different. It absorbs rather than just coat the hair. I use this as a sealer, mixed with leave in conditioner or gel, or just to tame frizz. When I go a few days without it my hair tends to get frizzy again. This is a really nice oil that does not cause build up. As usual, Sevi uses only quality ingredients. Thank you Sevi!

I have not tried it
Written by Jean S. on Aug 6th 2015

I have not tried it for my skin yet. However, I have used it right after I washed my hair, and I love it.

this is my second bottle of Argan Berry Nourish Elixir,
Written by Sandra C. on Apr 14th 2015

I love what it does for my hair, how it looks (shiny and smooth) how it feels (silky) and how it seems to be helping my hair to be healthy again. My hair had been thinning out from years of salon hair coloring, shampoos with SLS and probably hormones. Using sevi shampoos, conditioners and the elixir seem to be helping with hair lose. I'm not seeing as much hair in the drain when I shampoo my hair. I've been using the elixir on my face also.

Definitely Nourishing
Written by Myra D. on Aug 21st 2014

This little bottle is like liquid gold. I have very thick natural hair and each drop adds to the softness and the grey doesn't look and/or feel as rough. The more I use it the better my hair is looking. There is no oily or greasy feeling, the drops just are soaked into my hair like a sponge.

Loving it
Written by Sandra C. on Jul 9th 2014

I've been using this for about two weeks now. I came across Sevi shampoos and conditioners about two years ago at a Philadelphia salon that specializes in organic products. I started using the AB hair lotion a few months ago. And what a difference these products are making. I'm 62 with hair that is a result of two decades of monthly salon hair coloring. Trying to force my hair that has a lot of a combination Italian hair that has natural body and English hair that tends to be more fragile, wispy in the front into the straight hair look with alot of blow drying. I'm also almost 100 % white in front and the sides and that makes the white hair very coarse ( I now use Surya Henna to color). So I've had alot to overcome and reverse with my hair care. All the Sevi products have helped to make my hair healthy again. I would recommend using them all. The ABNE will make your hair look and feel like silk. I now work with my curls and waves. I let my hair air dry more. And can go back to washing it in the mornings versus having to wash at night and sleep on it to reduce the frizziness of dry hair. And I can do these things because of the Sevi product line. I went from salon products like Aveda's to Deva Curl which is a step up from Aveda but Sevi is far superior to Deva Curl. I have a major cowlick in front, it used to be my bangs that were like straw so I'm hoping with the ABHL or ABHSS that that will soften to be more manageable. But the cowlick is a vast improvement from the straw look. I'm very happy at the age of 62 to have my hair back. For it to be healthy, not falling out, not with a sore and tight scalp.

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