Argan Babassu Hair Styling Serum

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Argan meets Babassu and Broccoli and they all get together to make your hair happier than ever!

The story goes something like this..... (Short version)

While they continued on their moisture-venture, they came across Horsetail, Nettle, Aloe, Rosemary and Burdock Root and soon they too joined the three best friends. They got approached by organic vegetable Glycerine, but each one knew that Glycerine had no place in this formula. As they left Glycerine behind, the happy supple gang knew that what they were really missing were a few delicious notes to complete their amazing journey.

Broccoli said "I know someone that can help us!". Few unbearable moments later, Tangerine came holding onto Neroli. "You saved us" exclaimed Argan with joy. They all hugged *got to love group hugs!* and never parted again.

Now you can share their happy story with your lovely locks. Light-weight yet moisture filled styling serum that will add shine, definition and hold.

(Long Version: We promise, we will get to that one day soon) :)

What it is :: A light-weight glycerin free styling serum containing nourishing oils and botanicals for hair needing shine, definition and hold. Fight the frizz without the crispy after-feel. Simply apply to damp hair before styling. 

Ingredients ::  Aqueous Infusions of *Stinging Nettle, *Horsetail, *Burdock Root, *Rosemary and *Marshmallow Root, *Argan Oil, *Babassu Seed Oil, Broccoli Seed Oil, Panthenol, Xanthan Gum, *Sea Buckthorn Berry CO2, *Sage and *Rosemary Antioxidant Extract, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate, Xylitylglucoside, Pure Essential Oils (**Tangerine, *Neroli, **Myrrh, **Sandalwood).

*Please note that we are no longer using Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice in our hair care products.  We still have some old labels in stock, so if you get one that has "Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice" on it, please do not worry. It is Aloe free. 


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Written by Nikoi on Sep 20th 2019

I did not know what I was missing! I have always used and loved the lotion but this serum is EXACTLY what my curls needed! Lays down edges and fly-aways, soft hold, controls frizz...and the shine?? This is next-level awesomeness! Thanks Sevi, you’re amazing per usual :)

A staple in my haircare
Written by Carol F. on Jun 16th 2018

First of all, I can’t believe I have not left a review of this before. But anyhoo...I LOVE this serum! I recently moved to Hawaii and one thing I was surprised by was how harsh the elements are on my hair. On the mainland, I used this serum to help with the humidity for the most part, but here, the sun strips my hair of moisture and shine. Guess what? I found out frizz happens because hair is DRY! And this serum magically keeps my hair moisturized so no more frizz! Thank you, Sevi!!!

Lovely serum
Written by Cathy C. on Jun 24th 2016

It's lightweight but very effective at sealing and smoothing my fine curly hair without weighing it down. It's great for second- and third-day hair too!

Argan Babassu Hair Styling Serum - Second Day Hair!
Written by Brandi k. on May 24th 2016

I love the Argan Babassu Serum for my second day hair! I put a small dollop in my palm, mix with a bit of water and smooth over my canopy and fluff though the rest of my hair. Fantastic shine and it doesn't give me any frizz! It's also great under gel but I LOVE it as a refresher on second day hair!

Just what I was looking for!
Written by Patricia G. on Apr 15th 2016

This doesn't weigh my hair down and still keeps my frizz under control!

My Hair + Sevi‰'s Styling Serum = Perfect Love
Written by Barbara I. on Feb 16th 2016

I‰'ve always wanted to try a hair serum but was reluctant because I have fine hair and was afraid of it being weighed down or greasy afterward. Sevi‰'s Hair Styling Serum quickly eliminated those fears and left my hair feeling soft, smooth, and frizz-free while still allowing the natural wave in my hair to come out. Lovely scent, non-greasy feel, and only good ingredients. How much more convincing do you need?

Great product
Written by Claire B. on Feb 7th 2016

love everything these guys make. Seriously

Couldn't live without it...
Written by Caylee S. on Nov 30th 2015

This serum does wonders to my fly away hair. It hydrates and leaves it smelling great. It's a great companion to the Pumpkin Seed Deep Conditioning Shampoo and Conditioner.

Argan Babassu Hair Styling Serum is terrific!
Written by Kimberly J. on Sep 8th 2015

Argan Babassu Hair Styling Serum is terrific! Lightweight, quite moisturizing, adds a bit of texture, especially in combination with a hair gel. Really nice smell - not too heavy.

Best Serum I have used.
Written by Ann H. on Jul 24th 2015

I love this serum. Different than any other I have used. This is very moisturizing and absorbs into hair while providing a soft hold. I love all of Sevi's products. The health of my hair has improved greatly since using them. Highly recommend!!

Awesome, awesome, awesome
Written by CHERYLL J. on Mar 18th 2015

I received a trial size of this and it is awesome. Super light weight but keeps my fly aways in place with a nice sheen without the tacky feel of regular gels. my hair feels normal the next day and it keeps my updo in place and my pony tail slick and in place. I am an AA female that is natural, 3c and I love this stuff.

Great Serum
Written by Laurie W. on Feb 26th 2015

I recently tried the Argan Babassu Serum to help my damaged hair after a bad color job. I mixed it with the Hair Lotion and applied to soaking wet hair. The smell was pleasant and the result was soft curls and happy hair. Although I have 3a hair and don't typically apply oils, this serum was light enough to not weigh down my hair but heavy enough to help repair the damage. It also works well with the Blue Yarrow Gel.

Good serum
Written by Sybille B. on Feb 12th 2015

I like the serum. the consistency is great. I have African type curls that get really dry easily, especially during winter time. I use it with the pumpkin hair care line and the babassu hair lotion. Overall, i like it but I will use it more during the summer months.

Written by Kim K. on Feb 6th 2015

I bought a hair serum over one year ago and it finally ran out. It lasts for a long time and works amazingly. I get so many complements and it takes seconds to do my hair.

Love this serum!
Written by Ann H. on Dec 18th 2014

This serum is unlike any other serum I have used. I have very fine curly hair which tends to be dry. Most serums just coat my hair and make it shiny. This serum actually absorbs into my hair. It leaves me with super moisturized, frizz free hair, shiny hair (without weighing it down). Love it. It provides a light hold, but when I want more hold, I pair it with the Blue Yarrow Gel to get well defined curls. All of Sevi's products are top quality and have changed the overall condition of my hair. Simply amazing!

Very good!
Written by Valerie N. on Oct 7th 2014

Very good!

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