Chocolate Rose Glimmer Facial Treat Chocolate Rose Glimmer Facial Treat Chocolate Rose Glimmer Facial Treat Chocolate Rose Glimmer Facial Treat
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Chocolate Rose Glimmer Facial Treat

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Chocolate, roses and a dash of the gold -- who could resist such a soul nourishing kit?

Not us!

Ok - so this kit was meant to be launched a wee bit earlier, but our shows got in the way. Moving on -- I've made a fresh batch + kits are ready to go! 

As always, they are numbered and limited stock is available, so do not wait too long if you want one.

Let's dig in the kit, shall we!

As the summer is nearing, our skin is waking up and it is vital that we introduce a new regiment to welcome the new season.

Masking, exfoliating and hydrating with a 100% natural "toner" will help you achieve a healthy + glowing skin without the spa price tag.

I am also including my favorite little glimmer potion in this kit. Think of it as a fairy dust for your skin. It adds a hint of healthy glow without the obvious "glitter all over the place" look.

Turkish Rose Hydrosol Toner : 4.25 oz 

What is it for? This delicate yet powerful flower hydrosol is one of my favorite sprays. I use it before bed, after workouts, around my neck and on my scalp -- pretty much any time I need a mood lift + a bit of extra hydration. 

Turkish Rose Hydrosol is an antiseptic and can be very helpful with broken capillaries and puffiness. It is gentle and good for normal, combo, sensitive and mature skin. 

What is in it? 100% pure Turkish Rose Hydrosol

Cacao Facial Exfoliator : 2 oz

What is it for? This natural AHA packed cleanser will help you slough dead skin and dirt to reveal radiant, glowing, smooth skin. Your skin's natural turn over cycle slows down as you age, hence why exfoliation is uber important to jump start it. It will boost your collagen production and slow down the aging process a bit. 

What is in it? *Cane Sugar, Saponified Olive Oil, *Jojoba Oil, (ft)*Cocoa Powder, (ft)*Nilotica Shea Butter,*Glycerin, Cocoa Absolute, **Rose Geranium.

Chocolate Facial Mask : 2 oz

What is it for? Dirt, sweat, pollution all takes a toll on your skin. Add the internal goings on in your body (hormones, medicines, infections, smoking, coffee, drinking, stress etc.) your skin will be begging for a detox.

This caffeine packed mask will tone while gently drawing out the impurities. Unlike most clay mask you won't be left all dehydrated either! I added my sweet Licorice Root in it for you to add a bit of sunshine to your skin and also calm any grumpiness your skin might be feeling.

What is in it? French Clay, (ft)*Cocoa Powder, *Licorice Root Powder, *Marshmallow Root Powder, Cocoa Absolute, *Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil. 

1 oz Glimmer Potion

What is it for? The perfect radiance in a bottle for you. It is subtle, yet adds a bit of "oh, ahhh!" on to your delicate skin. You won't shimmer like a mermaid, but rather have a sun-kissed healthy glow to you.

Safe for your face, neck and the rest of your body!

What is in it? Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Mica, *Essential Oils (Cardamom, Geranium), *Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil. 

(ft) Fair Trade ** Wild Crafted /

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Love it!
Written by R on Jun 9th 2017

What a great gift!

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